The Real Housewives of Potomac

We follow the lives of 6 women residents of Potomac, Maryland. Each in various stages of life and affluence. Shaping their community and their lives.

Genre: Reality

Director: Scott Dunlop

Country: USA

Duration: 43 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 4.1

Season 1 - The Real Housewives of Potomac
"Welcome to Potomac, where proper etiquette is key, and breaking the rules comes with serious consequences. At a birthday party celebrating Karen Huger, grande dame of Potomac high society, Gizelle Bryant\u2019s lack of manners puts the two divas into a battle for supremacy. And as if that wasn\u2019t enough, Gizelle is under fire from Charrisse Jackson Jordan, for acting not very lady like in her plush home. International model Katie Rost, a divorced socialite with three toddlers, is doing everything in her power to get her boyfriend to put a ring on it. Meanwhile, Robyn Dixon, who lives with her ex-husband, former NBA star Juan Dixon, must decide if she wants to rekindle her relationship with her ex."
"Gizelle\u2019s reputation is called into question by Potomac's queen bee, Karen, and its self-appointed social director, Charrisse. Will they be able to play nice, or are these domestic divas going to take off their white gloves and get dirty? Katie has to tap into her Jewish roots to prove herself a true member of the tribe for her twins' naming ceremony. Things get a little dicey when the ladies meet the young, boisterous beauty queen Ashley Darby. Will Ashley be able to break into this coveted circle of sophisticated women?"
"In Washington, D.C., Katie socializes to attract attention to her family's charitable foundation; Robyn faces a choice that threatens her unconventional relationship with ex-husband Juan; Ashley hosts a whiskey-tasting event in downtown D.C."
"Katie renovates the house behind Andrew's back; Charrisse tells her friends the shocking truth about her 18-year marriage; Karen learns how to fly a plane; Ashley gossips online, incurring the wrath of her close-knit community."
"Karen organizes a couples' getaway on a yacht, and Gizelle's new suitor scores an invite to the cruise. Also, Katie makes waves by showing too much public display of affection at Ashley's birthday bash, and news about Charrisse's marriage shocks Robyn."
"Ashley tries to wow her new friends with a getaway to her Delaware beach house, yet the accommodations fail to impress. Elsewhere, Katie struggles to gain support, and Charrisse convinces the ladies to reveal their darkest secrets."
"An evening of bonding takes a tense turn when Gizelle confronts Katie, prompting the others to encourage Katie to put Gizelle in her place. Elsewhere, Ashley's newfound friendships come into question courtesy of a surprise from her husband."
"Gizelle's inner entrepreneur takes center stage, but the shade is real when Katie blows off a focus group for her budding makeup line. Juan and Robyn take a romantic trip down memory lane, making her more confused than ever about the state of their relationship. Karen launches a charity event close to her heart, but Ashley and Michael must get \"on par\" before they are welcome in her home. And will Karen push Ashley one-step too far?"
"Whether or not her husband, Eddie, shows up for the big party, Charrisse is determined to celebrate her 50th birthday to the tune of $80,000 of his money. The future of Robyn and Juan's relationship hangs in the balance as they finally get the news about a possible job out of state. Ashley and Karen's friendship may have reached the point of no return."
"Katie and Andrew's relationship takes a turn when he surprises her with a weeklong trip to Scotland . . . that he's taking without her. Hearing her biological clock ticking at the ripe old age of 27, Ashley puts pressure on a reluctant Michael to start having kids. Gizelle hosts a \"come to Jesus\" lunch to try to get friendships amongst the ladies back on track. Karen takes off the white gloves and reads Ashley for filth, while an uproar ensues between Katie, Robyn, and Gizelle over butt grabs and biracial labels."
"Fevers spike as Gizelle, Katie, Ashley, and Robyn try to pull Karen off her podium as the Grande Dame of Potomac. Ashley defends her hostessing, her husband and her humping despite the slings and arrows of shade-rageousness. Robyn makes a surprising admission about her feelings for her ex-husband. And questions about the sensitive topic of race spark a high-octane feud."
"Katie and Andrew's relationship takes a turn when he surprises her with a weeklong trip to Scotland . . . that he's taking without her. Hearing her biological clock ticking at the ripe old age of 27, Ashley puts pressure on a reluctant Michael to start having kids. Gizelle hosts a \"come to Jesus\" lunch to try to get friendships amongst the ladies back on track. Karen takes off the white gloves and reads Ashley for filth, while an uproar ensues between Katie, Robyn, and Gizelle over butt grabs and biracial labels."
Season 2 - The Real Housewives of Potomac
"Gizelle and Charrisse\u2019s friendship hangs in the balance following Gizelle's shocking accusation that Charrisse is cheating on her husband. When the two ladies finally get together to talk, all bets are off! Meanwhile, Ashley\u2019s involvement in a new charity threatens her responsibilities to her and Michael\u2019s restaurant, causing tension in their marriage. Also, Robyn and Juan adjust to their new lives outside of Potomac, while Karen and Ray butt heads as they hunt for a new home."
"Gizelle\u00a0finds a new love interest in an old friend, while\u00a0Ashley\u00a0and Michael's inability to mix business with pleasure continues to create tension in their marriage. The women (finally) attend Katie's Casino Royale event, where they are less than impressed. Meanwhile,\u00a0Karen\u00a0organizes a high-class high afternoon tea in hopes of avoiding any low-class antics, but Gizelle gets her claws into Charrisse's new friend Monique -while Karen questions\u00a0Robyn's loyalty--causing things to get a little improper."
"The ladies of Potomac get decked out in their best hats and are off to the races for one of Baltimore's elite events, The Preakness Stakes.\u00a0Charrisse\u00a0continues to reinvent her life by gifting herself a new champagne room.\u00a0Karen\u00a0welcomes her daughter with open arms, when she returns home for the summer.\u00a0Robyn\u00a0struggles to answer questions about her relationship status with Juan. Meanwhile,\u00a0Monique\u00a0heads to the \"Dirty South\" to celebrate her husband's induction into the Alabama Hall of Fame, where she also reunites with her \"Monster-In-Law\" for the first time in months."
"When\u00a0Gizelle's mom comes to visit, she finds herself on a date with her new boyfriend AND her mom.\u00a0Charrisse\u00a0a.k.a \"Cha-Cha\" throws her daughter a lavish Sweet 16 birthday party, but when her elusive husband shows up at the party, it becomes too much for her to handle. Meanwhile, a hookah lounge f\u00eate turns sour when\u00a0Ashley's prodding about Eddie puts Charrisse on edge and\u00a0Monique\u00a0shuts down Gizelle's hazing antics."
"Monique\u00a0hosts all of the ladies for a friendly card game of spades, but this house of cards comes crumbling down when she is pushed to kick\u00a0Gizelle\u00a0out of her home.\u00a0Charrisse\u00a0attempts to move forward with her life by prematurely announcing her divorce to a room full of strangers. \u00a0Karen throws a special celebration for her mother's 70th birthday, meanwhile, tensions arise when\u00a0Ashley\u00a0confronts\u00a0Robyn\u00a0with rumors about Juan."
"After Gizelle is kicked out of Monique's party with her coat between her legs, Ashley continues to shuffle the deck -- and deals Charrisse a low blow about her marriage. While Karen tries to find a buyer for her \"outdated\" home, Monique lands right in the middle of Potomac with a $4.7 million mansion. Worried about their friend, Gizelle and Charrisse decide to host a \u201cJuantervention,\u201d causing Robyn to take a hard look at her unconventional relationship. Should she stay or should she go?"
"While Charrisse struggles to break the news of her marriage troubles to her daughter, Monique and her husband Chris try to reconnect as a married couple by returning to where they started. Karen shocks the world of Potomac by revealing her most guarded secret, leaving the rest of the ladies speechless. Armed with Gizelle by her side, Robyn decides to pay Ashley a visit to her restaurant. The pleasantries quickly go out the window as Ashley and Robyn get into it over spreading rumors, gossip, and emu!"
"Ashley and Michael's marriage is tested when she unveils a new menu for their restaurant at a press event and Michael attempts to shut it down. Gizelle and Karen head out for a double date where the truth comes out about Gizelle's date. Meanwhile Robyn questions her home life and identity after a birthday dinner for her mom. Golf balls fly when Karen attempts to mend fences between Monique, Gizelle, Ashley and everyone."
"Gizelle faces some harsh payback when she is shut out of Monique's summer bash. As Karen closes the deal on the sale of her Potomac home the reality of having to move sends her looking for a distraction. Ashley reveals a decision about her and Michael's future. Robyn finds herself in therapy after everyone questions her relationship. Karen's scheme to \"getaway\" with a girls' trip goes awry after she decides to kick Charrisse to the curb."
"A \"bonding\" excursion to Bermuda turns cold when some of the women are shut out of the trip. Robyn makes a critical relationship decision. Monique and Gizelle at last address their issues. The ladies take a sunset cruise."
"A sunset cruise hits rough waters when Charrisse corners Karen about her overbearing hosting duties while in Bermuda. Also, Robyn discovers many men are interested in her. In Potomac, Michael makes changes at the restaurant, and Karen breaks news about her coveted Potomac address."
"The ladies question Karen's quick move out of Potomac after she reveals the location of her new home. Robyn finally confronts her ex-husband Juan about their relationship and is surprised by his confession. Monique shows off her new Potomac home, while Gizelle searches for the courage to break it off with her boyfriend Kevin. The women attend an \"exotic\" anniversary party at Karen's new home and are shocked to discover her new life outside of Potomac."
"The ladies revisit this season\u2019s highs and shady lows as suspicions surrounding Karen's move are revealed and the question of who will claim the new title of \u201cGrande Dame of Potomac\u201d is answered. Gizelle and Monique go head to head, while Charrisse disputes cheating allegations. Rumors continue to swirl about Robyn and Juan\u2019s relationship, leading Robyn to call out Ashley for her meddling. And the reunion takes a shocking turn when Charrisse accuses Gizelle of having an open relationship in her first marriage."
Season 3 - The Real Housewives of Potomac
"Finally residents of 20854, Monique and Chris adjust to their new Potomac neighborhood. After months of living apart from Michael, Ashley decides it\u2019s time to give her marriage another shot, influenced by sage advice from newly-in-love Gizelle. Karen and Ray become the talk of Potomac after a shocking headline in The Washington Post. And things get heated between Karen and Robyn after a huge breach of trust."
"With their relationship back on track, Robyn and Juan upgrade their lives by moving to a new condo with an interesting address. Trying to keep her man happy, Gizelle takes her new boyfriend Sherman on a romantic picnic, while Monique and Ashley hang out with a fabulous young friend who has a bubbly personality and a crown to go with it. Feeling hurt and betrayed by her friends, Karen decides to hold a \"Press Conference\" to answer all their questions regarding her financial situation."
"Michael pressures Ashley to cut financial ties with her mother; Robyn and Juan get acclimated in their new home; Monique throws Chris a 40th birthday party; a three-way fight between Robyn, Ashley and Monique gets out of hand."
"Ready to close the chapter on her days of being the \"First Lady\" of the Black Church, Gizelle decides to write a controversial book loosely based on her life. Monique and Robyn try to get to the root of their issues, while Candiace hopes to step out from her mother's shadow. Ashley seeks the advice of a therapist to help solve her marital problems and as a result, tries to make the impossible choice between her husband and her mother."
"Ashley invites Gizelle and Candiace to yoga, where Candiace reveals details about her fianc\u00e9; Karen distracts herself from her husband\u2019s financial issues by sending her daughter off to college; Robyn continues to settle into her new home; and Candiace invites the ladies to \u201cBubble Soccer\u201d, but things quickly go from playful to personal, as the ladies interrogate her."
"Exhausted from her busy life, Monique has a car accident that leaves everyone concerned about her well-being. Karen embraces her entrepreneurial spirit with a new business venture, meanwhile things heat up between Robyn and Juan. Ashley plans a fun outdoor retreat for the ladies to let off some steam, but things take a surprising turn as two of the ladies challenge Candiace when she stands up for herself."
"The ladies continue their weekend escape in the woods, but it's not quite as relaxing as Ashley had hoped. After a few glasses of champagne, Karen starts hurling insults at Robyn, leaving all the ladies confused. Tensions come to a halt for an afternoon of fishing, but things escalate once again when allegations swirl over Monique's denials and Karen's possible secrets."
"Gizelle worries about the status of her relationship; Ashley is faced with the daunting task of moving her mother out her house; Candiace struggles for independence; Karen hosts a Scent event, during which Monique confronts Ashley about a rumor."
"Tired of keeping Chris' full family history from her mom, Candiace decides to face her fears. Monique organizes a donation drive for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, while an emotional Gizelle breaks down over the stress of her relationship. Robyn and Juan seek closure from their past, but a visit from past loved ones leaves the couple in extreme shock."
"Candiace attempts to persuade her mother to give her control of the family business, while Ashley and Michael revisit their prenup. Monique and Robyn host two different events on the same day, forcing the ladies to reveal their loyalty. After celebrating her birthday without Sherman, Gizelle begins to re-evaluate their relationship and receives advice from a very unlikely source."
"Having one extra ticket to her gala, Monique decides to invite an unlikely guest to sit at her table. Baby talk puts another roadblock in Ashley and Michael's relationship, while the pressure of finding a wedding venue creates tension between Candiace and Chris. Upset that Karen chose to not come to Robyn's event, Gizelle and Robyn decide to confront her, but are caught off guard by her shocking response."
"After seeking counsel from her uncle, Ashley must face the truth about why Michael is hesitant to have more children. Robyn confronts Karen about her lies in a public forum, while Charrisse is left questioning her friendship with Monique. The stress of wedding planning becomes too much for Candiace, testing her relationship with Chris."
"Candiace and Chris get marriage insurance in the form of a pre-nup; Ashley decides to give Michael a surprise; Karen and Gizelle try to work things out over lunch; tired of all the fighting, Monique decides to plan a trip to France."
"While the ladies enjoy a fabulous day on the French Riviera, Candiace begins feeling detached from the group. After noticing Karen without her wedding ring, suspicion mounts about the state of her marriage. And Monique and Charisse\u2019s friendship is officially put to the test, leading to a revelation that leaves everyone stunned."
"While the ladies celebrate Monique\u2019s birthday with a fabulous night of burlesque, Candiace finally uses her vocals to win the women over. Gizelle confronts Charrisse about her involvement in bringing Sherman\u2019s ex-wife around, leaving Charrisse and Monique at odds. Ashley and Karen exchange heated words and accusations regarding Karen\u2019s marriage, cause a deeper rift in their already rocky friendship."
"Karen meets with her assistant Matt to find out his involvement in the alleged rumors regarding her living situation. Ashley finally comes clean to her mother about some of Michael\u2019s inflammatory comments, causing more tension between the two. Determined to find out the truth about whether Karen really lives in her house, Gizelle, Robyn and Ashley plan a scheme of epic proportions."
"Ashley finally gives Michael an ultimatum on having a baby, while reality starts to set in for Candiace that she is about to be an instant stepmother. Robyn throws a birthday party for her youngest son, and a new family member makes a special appearance. Meanwhile, Karen and Ashley get into a heated discussion that is escalated by Michael and Ray\u2019s interaction. The ladies question Karen about the mysterious pizza delivery, and her response leaves everyone puzzled."
"More shocking secrets are revealed when the husbands join the ladies on stage. Karen goes after Michael for his business and personal struggles; Ray explains the rumors about his wife\u2019s infidelity; Gizelle opens up about the \u201cnew\u201d man in her life; and Ashley reveals big news about her relationship with Michael."
Season 4 - The Real Housewives of Potomac
"Gizelle attempts to rekindle her friendship with Karen by delivering her homemade treats, but is shocked by what greets her at the door. Recovering from their miscarriage, Ashley and Michael are back in full baby making mode, meanwhile Robyn takes her romantic relationship with Juan to new heights. And with her wedding only days away, Candiace reveals that she's invited her half-brother to the nuptials, causing her mother to launch a verbal attack that threatens to derail the festivities."
"Candiace's big day is here, but instead of focusing on her soon to be husband, she's more nervous about her mother's unpredictable behavior. A buzzed Ashley tries her best to make amends with Karen and Monique, but her intentions are met with cold shoulders. Meanwhile, an emotional Gizelle makes her way to Candiace's wedding, where she ends up in a heated discussion with Monique."
"A revelation forces Gizelle to rekindle her relationship with a long-time foe; Robyn and Juan work to ensure that their financial foundation remains on solid ground; Ashley's drinking causes Candiace to doubt her baby-making intentions."
"Ashley moves forward with baby-making plans; Candiace and Robyn grapple with Michael's comment; the ladies head to New Orleans to learn more about Gizelle; things get heated between Karen and Gizelle, and the Grande Dame makes a dramatic exit."
"Gizelle takes the ladies to a plantation where her ancestors were enslaved; the women hit New Orleans' legendary Bourbon Street for a night of fun, but the merriment comes to a halt when Candiace questions Ashley's plans to have a baby."
"The ladies wrap up their time in the Big Easy with some enlightening and frightening experiences; unresolved issues fester between Ashley and Candiace; Karen unleashes her fury on Gizelle and leaves everyone speechless."
"Monique celebrates her rainbow pregnancy, but her mother-in-law presents new challenges; Candiace reveals to Gizelle that Monique called Katie a name; Ashley and Karen share a spiritual moment, but the presence of a visitor brings Karen to tears."
"Monique has an underwater photo shoot to commemorate her pregnancy; Karen shows off her sexy dance moves with Ray; Candiace hosts a dinner party; Ashley and Candiace get into a heated argument, causing a serious meltdown."
"Robyn finally reveals Michael's secret comment, causing everyone to wonder about Darby's marriage; Candiace takes her mother to therapy; Ashley performs at Gay Pride, but the joyful event turns sour once her issues with Robyn reach a boiling point."
"Robyn confronts Gizelle; Candiace and Chris have a fight of epic proportions; Katie hosts the ladies at a hoedown, but breaking news about Michael overshadows the event and one housewife is left feeling vindicated."
"Candiace and her mother continue to work on their fractured relationship while in therapy Ashley comes to the realization that she is still suffering from old wounds."
"Just as the dust settles on Michael\u2019s lawsuit, Katie reveals new information about Ashley\u2019s husband that has everyone talking."
"Ashley makes plans to meet her estranged father while Katie and her boyfriend Jacob spread some surprising information about Michael."
"Ashley is brought to tears after making contact with her dad. Meanwhile, Candiace and her mother are still at odds, but Dorothy proves that old habits die hard."
"The women scramble to find Katie, and are shocked to discover her true whereabouts. Gizelle battles mother nature, while Karen teaches the ladies a unique technique. The fun comes to screeching halt when Karen and Ashley get into an unexpected conflict \u2013 catching everyone off guard."
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Season 5 - The Real Housewives of Potomac
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